EZ Tippers Mfg specializes in the production of light weight, durable, and efficient cart tippers for the document shredding, recycling, and warehousing industry.   EZ Tippers Mfg also offers comprehensive fabrications services to custom design and build a tipper to meet the specific needs of your organization.

The concept for the EZ Tipper came about after many hours of rolling 64G and 95G containers on and off the back of our bobtail service trucks! As a small independent shredding company in South Texas for the first couple of years in business we operated as an Off-Site Document Shredding Company until we purchased our first Mobile Shredding Truck a few years later. During the early years as our business quickly grew we realized that we needed to keep a large amount of inventory readily available just to service our existing accounts not to mention any new clients that we were regularly obtaining. For every 1-2 container we had in the field we need an additional one to swap out when servicing a customer’s account.

As our business grew and the number of container’s we had placed in the field did so as well. Like many companies we often tipped our 64g and 95g containers into Gaylord’s in preparation for shredding back at our facility. Since many plant based shredding systems had large tippers attached their components we began exploring the ways to develop a tipping machine that was portable, and capable of operating in the back of your standard box truck. After many designs and by trial and error we developed such a product. For several years we improved upon the concept while utilizing the tipper in the normal course of our business. Once we realized that other companies thought it was a great idea as well and asked for us to build them one we decided to patent our product and introduce it to the market! So here we are with the EZ Tipper 2019. A light weight, durable, easy to use mobile tipper that is cost effective, efficient and will increase production while saving your organization revenue that can be better used in other areas of your business!

Photo of an EZTipper Cart