The Toter Tipper system that we purchased from EZ Tippers MFG has been a terrific investment in three main capacities; Initial savings of container costs, followed by increase in production per truck and finally with streamline of workflow.  The Toter Tipper accompanied with 2 x 95 gal bins, 1 x 65-gal bin and the necessary amount of gaylords can now take the place of an entire truckload of containers.

At H.O.T. Shred we utilize 2 primary off site trucks.  A 26’ International box truck and a 20’ Isuzu NPR.  The capacities of those trucks are 27 x 95-gal bins and 21 x 95-gal bins, respectively.  So, our initial savings just in bins equates to $1875.00, given the 25 less 95’s we are required to have in inventory for the International’s daily runs.

Now we can utilize the smaller, more fuel-efficient NPR, but with the capacity of the International.  In essence, we have turned the NPR into a collection truck, without the $115,000.00 price tag that we are all familiar with.  I will cite a specific day in our main city for reference.  Week 4, Day E is one of our Waco days and the NPR has 31 routine stops.  A total of 75 Executive Consoles, 33 x 95-gal containers and 2 x 65 gal containers.  We can perform this run in the NPR with 6 Gaylords, the tipper, 2 x 95-gal and 1 x 65-gal.   In addition to that, we now are able to add box jobs anywhere along the route without the headache of having to shuffle containers around.

Finally, once the runs are completed at the end of the day, all that’s left to do is unload the full gaylords and put empty gaylords back on the truck. There is no rush at the end of the day to have all 33 of the 95’s cleared for the next day.  We simply stack the gaylords right in there with our purge material, out of the way and organized.  That way the morning crew can come in and destroy the documents the next day while our trucks are on the road.

I would highly recommend this tipper to anyone utilizing off site trucks for document destruction.  It has been an invaluable investment.  If this was on google, I would give it 5 out of 5.”

Brad Lankford COO - H.O.T. Shred, MedWaste Services-Waco

“The worst thing about the EZ tipper is my competitor finding out about them as well. Our employees love them and I worked with them hands for weeks on to discover why we needed one on every truck, nearly every trip. The EZ Tipper works precisely as advertised, it’s allowed us to load out our trucks with less bins, service more bins, save time on swaps, substantially reduce how much lifting/consolidation is performed on the truck, reduce our plant tipper use to just Gaylord tips-thereby extending its life and saves us space on our trucks. It’s the right tool for the job and just what we were looking for in terms of assisting our employees with their workload and increasing the productivity in our routes. A big thank you to Lee and his team for the development and sale of the EZ Tipper!”

Tyler Cope - Sun City Records Management