Importance Of Document Shredding In 2022

The importance of document shredding in 2022 still remains key to doing business securely. For many years, document shredding has been a necessary procedure for security reasons. Hard copies are still required in today’s mostly digital age by regulatory bodies such as FINRA and the SEC because they require certain documents to be held for an amount of time. This is particularly true in the practice of law, medical practices, financial planning, and more.

The importance of document shredding in 2022 is just the same as it was a year ago. Only now, it is far more important than ever because of technology and work at home practices, which help to keep people from doing business in person.

In today’s age, there are many ways to steal property from a home. One way is by hacking into your electronic data and using it for their own gain in the form of theft or fraud. The importance of document shredding comes with security because if someone has enough information on you then they’ll be able to get anything that belongs to them– even though these papers may seem safe by simply discarding them with office trash.

Personal identities are being stolen at an alarming rate, and it’s easy for criminals to carry out widespread ID theft. With just a few pieces of data, they can steal customers’ identities or get unlawful access into bank accounts if a business is not careful with document shredding. In fact, the process protects both businesses as well consumers from this type of criminal activity because keeping sensitive documents safe helps prevent outright fraudulent activities from nefarious opportunists, who actively look for new victims on a regular basis.

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