EzTippers composting cart tippers are designed to accept 95-gallon organic waste bins using grabber lift angles of 64-degree – 45-degree and 35-degree. Our carts are built strong and durable enough to be compatible with a diverse variety of waste/expanding material streams.

They allow for almost any composting scenario, from the smallest of residential tandem axle systems to the largest of waste transfer stations handling a broad range of materials from dry to wet organics.

Any and all composting applications imaginable including yard waste, woody debris, manure, food residuals, biosolids, and more are approved for the EzTippers Carts.

Our EzTippers carts are made of a UV-resistant HDPE material that provides excellent durability. The HDPE material is uniquely suited for use in composting carts and helps to ensure a long operational lifespan.

The carts are also designed with a wider, reinforced base, which adds to their stability and makes them less prone to tipping over. This feature is especially important when you have carts filled with heavy, wet organics.

EzTippers cart tippers also boast a lift cycle time of just 8 seconds, which is much faster than other carts that take up to 20 seconds to complete a lift cycle.

They have a powerful actuator with a 1000 lb lifting capacity that is capable of lifting all types of waste streams.

EzTippers carts also provide improved safety for workers as they drastically reduce the potential for injury caused by manual dumping.

Users can easily adjust the lift angles to suit their individual needs, which ultimately saves time and labor.

EzTippers cart tippers can help reduce operational costs as they increase productivity and ensure a more efficient and streamlined process.

They are also designed for easy maintenance and can be cleaned and sanitized quickly and easily using standard equipment.

They come with a 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind and confidence in their durability and performance.

Safety, efficiency, durability, and versatility are just some of the benefits of using EzTippers cart tippers for composting. With the ability to handle a wide range of materials, these carts are an essential tool for any composting operation.

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