The EZ Tipper Mobile Cart Tippers can greatly benefit many different types of industries. With EZTippers mobile cart tippers, you can decrease workplace injury and increase efficiency. You can easily improve your productivity and make your employees more comfortable as well. At EZ Tipper, we can specialize in a custom-built mobile cart tipper to give your company the most effective options. Here are some of the industries that benefit from EZ Tippers Mobile Cart Tippers.

Hospitality. The hospitality industry includes bed-and-breakfasts, hotels, and motels. Their employees constantly have to deal with overflowing garbage cans, and that job never gets any easier. However, cleaning staff can reduce the risk of back strain and workplace injury when they use mobile cart tippers.

Gyms. Gyms are typically buzzing with activity, and the trash cans fill up quickly. So having mobile cart tippers in this industry can minimize employee strain and increase productivity for staff. At the same time, this will make for a more efficient use of timing and an overall better experience for clientele.

Restaurants. Restaurant employees have to perform many different tasks every day. But mobile cart tippers can make their jobs much easier. With mobile cart tippers, workers can haul away huge loads inside the food freezers with minimal effort, which greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Grocery Stores. In grocery stores, employees need to dispose of a variety of different types of waste daily. They have to deal with packing materials, cleaning agents, and food containers, among others. With a mobile cart tipper, the workers do not have to carry huge loads of garbage bags, saving them a lot of effort and time.

Universities. With students producing a great deal of waste, university custodial staff frequently have their hands full. A custom-built mobile cart tipper can help with efficiency and injury prevention. This is true whether staff is dealing with biohazards, food waste, recyclables, or anything in between.

Healthcare facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, distribution centers, airports, manufacturing facilities, and retail establishments can also benefit greatly from EZ Tipper Mobile Cart Tippers. If your business is in Search of a custom-built mobile cart tipper, contact us today Toll-Free at (888) 533-5775 to get started.